Property Taxation

Flat Management Companies

GMAK acts for numerous such companies generally established to enable the better enforcement of the lease covenants required for blocks of flats, etc. In addition to the statutory accounts we prepare statements of service charge expenditure for the lessees.

Buy to Let

We act for many individuals both UK based and non-residents who own buy to let properties in the UK.

Holiday Homes

British owners of holiday homes in France are going to become liable to French income tax on the deemed income.


Property Investment

The budget for 2007 has made considerable changes to capital allowances which affect the property and agricultural industries, generally adversely. If you own a business property you will start to pay full business rates after just 3 months, previously most business properties only paid 50% for the 3 months, but there are some anomalies. For details contact GMAK.

Planning gain supplement is coming! The government is trying yet again to tax what they regard as value added by the public as opposed to value added by the investor. It is going to be introduced in 2009 and is complicated. Pre planning can only be helpful so ask us for advice.



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