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Finance - Loans, Mortgages, Hire Purchase, Finance Leases....

The firm offers common sense advice, we can introduce you to the experts and hold your hand through some of the complexities. We have just completed a £1m facility for a client in a combination of repayment term loan and finance leasing of equipment.



Accounting and Book-keeping

GMAK will match the level of accounting and book-keeping to the needs of clients. The firm ensures that clients’ accounts comply with the best current practice with any statutory or regulatory requirements and also that clients maintain proper accounting records. Advice is given on basic book-keeping from the simplest form of spreadsheet to integrated accounts.

Where appropriate, recommendations are made regarding computerisation, improvement in operational efficiency and ways in which clients can keep their own records so as to save accounting time and fees.



The firm is registered under the Companies Act 2006 with the Institute of Chartered Accountants and so can audit those companies that require such a service under the new regulations including companies limited by guarantee and Industrial and Provident Societies. The firm also has considerable experience of other auditing work including that covered by the Charities Act 1993 as amended and the associated accounting regulations. Similarly, we provide auditing services to housing associations, both registered and unregistered.



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